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Representative Products


Sliced from laminated “billets” into veneers within the market range thicknesses of 0.3mm to 4.0mm, this is the indicated product for “face lay-up” panel production within the hardwood plywood, architectural millwork, component, furniture manufacture and specialty product sectors.

• Precision composed and sliced to client size and visual requirements.

• Flitch Stock, Sized Strips or Sheets to custom dimensions.

Laminated Panels

Focused on the markets’ standards, this product range parallels veneer consumption needs with “solids” across the cabinetry, furniture, millwork, flooring and retail sectors.

• Whether as S4S boards or cut-stock for remanufacture; full cut-to-size flexibility to client needs.

• Complete options as to grain direction and colorations.

RepRepresentative Products
Representative Products

Engineered Dimension Stock

This broad-range product is intended to meet the demand of retail, millwork, furniture and specialty sectors for engineered lumber, squares and other non-standard uses.

• Manufactured to client requirements.

• Available as finished S4S or ready to re-manufacture blanks.

Finished Components

BEC’s expanded processing capabilities include the manufacturing of a range of finished product components including: drawer fronts/parts, furniture parts, stair treads, moldings, door parts/frame stock and specialty products.

• Pre-profiled, cut-to-size and ready for assembly or distribution.

• Customized to client design and technical specifications.

Representative Products