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Bamboo Experts​

Bamboo Experts

We have been building with bamboo and advancing the use of bamboo fiber for its inherent strength and adaptability for decades. We were the first company to obtain ICC certification for the structural use of bamboo to manufacture homes and buildings through our affiliate. Our expertise is in transforming bamboo fiber into decorative and structural building materials designed and engineered to the highest standard for OEM and industrial customers. • Precision composed and sliced to client size and visual requirements. • Flitch Stock, Sized Strips or Sheets to custom dimensions.

Good Practices

Bamboo is a material that is loved by many, including hungry insects and molds! We’ve learned through real world experience how best to pre-process bamboo poles and fiber in advance of manufacturing the bamboo into decorative and structural building materials. We use a proven methodology of pressure treating the bamboo fiber with an infusion of clean mineral salts that eliminates insect and mold infiltration. Testing at the University of Washington indicated our treatment process fully protects our bamboo fiber. Our Products are prepared for a lifetime of use in your finished goods.

Good Practices​
Photo Credit: Andrew Richard Hara

Innovative Products

As material innovators, we are ready to partner with industrial and OEM users to best fit bamboo fibers into decorative and structural applications. We have the knowledge capital, expertise and flexible manufacturing capabilities to partner together to innovate how bamboo is used today to advance your company’s sustainable product offerings.

We have traveled the world locating the best species of bamboo for both decorative and structural applications. Our proven reserves of sympodial bamboo come from known sources with large quantities of legally harvested bamboo fiber and poles readily available. Our diversified supply sources ensure reliable access to bamboo for industrial scale customers.